Bullmaro Raicilla

Bullmaro is a Raicilla of high intensity that meets taste and aroma perception on each retronasal exercise. With tears that adhere to the glass due to the essential oils of the agave that passed through the still with a Cooper coil heated by wood. Free of inconsistencies that guarantees that no harmful alcohol remains. Finding in primary and secondary fragrances a herbal profile, with an intense agave and green pepper scent which is the result of an spontaneous fermentation with a constant revision on brixs. Visual: Crystal clear color. Body: Fine body and smooth texture. Aroma & flavor: Robust and herbal aroma, framed by notes of citrus flavors. 40% of ALC/VOL. Carefully made in our distillery with one distillation. This drink is not subjected to any aging process.


6/750 ml

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