30-30 Añejo

View: This tequila has a beautiful pale yellow and gold color reflection, is bright and clean with a high bulk density, is a little dense since the legs hardly go down and the crown remains. Nose: At first nose appears with a high intensity and a complex diversity of notes as fruit flavors, subtle aromas of oak and very marked herbal notes. At second nose fruit flavors like apple, cooked fruit, orange and sweet potato, leaving behind his floral variety. The aromas of cooked agave and the aromas from the barrel are present with a subtle hint of vanilla and dark chocolate. Palate: 30-30 Añejo is present in the mouth with prominent density. The aromas of the olfactory phase are confirmed, highlighting the barrel toast and spices such as pepper, vanilla, coffee and cacao. Finally comes with a very interesting taste of refreshing mint in the mouth.


18 months
American oak barrel.
12/750 ml • 60/50 ML

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