Dulce Amargura

It is made using traditional methods with 100% Blue Weber Agave before aging. Housed in a hand-painted, hand-painted ceramic bottle, this soft, velvety tequila exudes quality and commitment on all levels.
NOM 1466



Aroma: Agave, mint, mandarin and plum

Color: Crystalline with silver sparkles.

Flavor: Agave, cooked agave and mint hints of citrus and pineapple predominate. 

6/1000 ML

4/1750 ML


Visual Phase Bright, luminous, with silver shades and a light straw yellow color with a great body. Aromatic Phase In the first impression the tones of preserved fruits such as peach, cherry, ripe banana are perceived; spices like cinnamon, black pepper, delicate herbal nuances like mint.

The cooked agave is sweet with touches oh honey, vanilla and caramel and delicate tunes of olive.

Development in mouth Very balanced. It is silky and sweet, confirms its olfatory promise, leaving preserved fruits; bee honey, cooked agave and cinnamon have great permanence.

6/1 LT




Dulce Amargura Añejo It shows a balance between the aromas of aging and distillation. Giving away flashes of coffee, dark chocolate, burnt vanilla, maple and caramel from his barrel coat. Delicate preserved fruits such as cherry, crystallized orange. Age: 24 months

6/1 LT

Extra Añejo


Aroma: The first impression is intense cooked agave, delicate nuances of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, caramel and honey.  Fruty notes, apple, and orange crystallized vapor herbal as the english mint, citrus tones, grapefruit, floral aromas as roses and spices like as cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. 

Finish: It confirms their fine style, leaving vapors like cooked agave, apple, quince and cinnamon and ginger spices. The mouth feel is powerful. Age: 4-5 years.

6/1 LT

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