Established in 2017

Your preferred choice for the sales and marketing Of Agave spirits and drinks from Mexico

Mara imports was created by Maricela Martinez, for more than 20 years she was a wine and spirits market manager executive for one of the most Important distributors In the US. As a “Tequila Specialist” she was exposed to all the ins and outs of this growing category, meeting and working with many Distilleries and developing long lasting relationships with all of them. In 2017 together with her husband she founded Mara Imports, with the main objective to close the gaps between the Tequila Industry and potential growing markets, highlighting the best that Mexico has to offer nor only in the US but also around the world.

We are specialists in the distribution, marketing and sale of agave spirits from Mexico. We are a family business, backed by a team with over 80 years of combined experience in the alcoholic beverages industry.

Customer Relationships is priority #1
Our suppliers goals are our goals.

We are consultants focusing at the brand long term goals, its market Viability, and potential future growth.

Making the difference using our market knowledge, representing Unique Items that highlight the best each category have to offer helps us make the difference within us and other distributors and importers in the US.

At Mara Imports we can proudly say that” we are the home of the ones that dream big” Artisanal, handcrafted, never before exported, misunderstood, no celebrities on our side.  No millions of dollars to blow, etc.
Just brands with a story, heritage, a reason to exist, unique and different, and with lots of positive attitude to work and make the difference.
With a strong presence in California great growth in 21 states around the US and currently commercializing in other countries.

Mara Position itself into being a key player and leader marketer of Agave spirits.

Experience, honesty, hard work, trust, are just a few Key words that have resonance within our clients.

Welcome to our family!

Successful Relationships

We are specialists in the commerciaization of agave spirits from Mexico

We get you into the hands of consumers.

These relationships have allowed us to become very well respected within our industry, while also providing our customers with cost-effective, no-nonsense alternatives to conducting business in the largest beverage marketplace in the nation. Mara International Group focuses on building brands with unique, grass-root marketing programs that capture the attention of on/off-premise accounts, and of liquor and wine purveyors seeking a more personalized approach to marketing their brands, getting them on shelves and into the hands of consumers.


To create long-term business relationships with strong results for the entire distribution chain, with a portfolio of premium and innovative products, supported by a personalized, friendly and honest service.


To become one of the most effective distributors in the North American market, reaching every corner of the country with the best products, service and profit for our clients.


Honesty and commitment are the key values of our business. We believe that our clients should feel confident when putting their business into our hands. 


The Mara Imports team interacts with customers and the industry at a deep level of service, generating value and a distinctive brand that stands out in the market, creating bonds of friendship, empathy and trust within the industry, producers, tequila companies, distributors and points of sale.


It comes from the expertise and dedication of our collaborators. We are a great family with combined experience in different periods and areas of the industry. This is the basis for the service and products of excellence that we offer to the market. We do everything with joy, passion and devotion.


Mara imports is made up of a group of professionals committed to the industry and our clients. The combination of experience and passion on a day-to-day basis means that Mara Imports can offer the market comprehensive solutions and create bonds of friendship with all collaborators to obtain the best results.


We have focused on establishing long-term business and personal relationships with companies and individuals who share and practice the mutual belief that honesty, integrity and reliability are very important to everyone’s success. By creating partnerships based on honesty, we have grown to be respected in the industry while providing our clients with alternatives to do business in the North American market